Randall Dang Takes Look at Recent Business School Application Figures

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As a chartered professional accountant, Randall Dang is no stranger to the classroom. He graduated with a Business Administration degree from Capilano University, and he completed coursework to get his certifications as a Certified General Accountant and Chartered Professional Accountant. He has been able to achieve many of his career goals due to his education, and he supports anyone who is looking to advance their professional efforts by going back to school.


There was a recent article in the Wall Street Journal that discussed the current environment for business schools. It appears that more people in Europe are applying to graduate programs than ever before, and it is dwarfing the application rate for U.S. business schools. This makes sense given the fact that the economies in many European countries have struggled of late. When the United States was in a recession a few years back, many people enrolled in school to sustain the down period.


However, what is also remarkable is that students are looking at more nontraditional programs in order to improve their job outlook. They are looking at one year programs that focus on very specific subjects rather than the broader two-year, full-time program. They are also more likely to enroll in an online MBA programs.


This reflects a changing education landscape that puts a greater focus on concentrations and opts for flexibility and convenience in order to attract students. As an accountant, Randall Dang understands the competition out there for good jobs, so he can see the attraction of a business degree with a specific focus that can be done on one’s own tight schedule.